The Unintuitive Way A Brick Wall Can Show The Future

Lots of people can have a difficult conversation.

Lots of people can go for a 4 mile run.

Lots of people can overcome a fear.

That’s all great.

Those experiences tell us what we’re capable of.

But what happens next is truly important.

What happens next is how consistently we do these things.

When we conquer new fears everyday, we build a powerful confidence that lets us approach what was once unapproachable.

When we run everyday, running becomes easy and we are on to the next challenge.

When we are consistently assertive and kind, we develop a reputation of respect and dependability that helps us with later endeavors.

Our daily actions are investments in our future.

Every second counts and every decision matters.

My old high-school track coach used to say:

“Every practice is like one brick and at the end of the season, you’ll have a brick wall. If you miss one practice, it probably won’t make a difference, but if you make a habit of it, the whole wall will be full of gaps.”

Every day is a brick.

Either you show up and make it happen, or you leave the gap.

2 Minute Action

It takes 2 minutes to visualize your day.

Walk through how it will go and rehearse your actions.

Prepare for battle!

This is your time to suit up and commit to a day of purpose.

Pick one brick to lay and make it happen.

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