If you’re like me, you probably think a lot about doing more.

How can I increase my output?

How can I check off more tasks?

How can I reduce friction so I can get more done?

And here’s the part where I’m about to start talking about doing less.

Right? This is where I go into a tirade about how we should be focusing on doing fewer things, better.

The truth is, that might be true for some of us.

For others, you might just really love the feeling of checking stuff off your list.

And that might change depending on where you are in your career or life.

It might be true for a while and then not true later on.

And vice-versa.

The most important thing here is just knowing what makes you happy.

If you’re like me, feeling like I’m making the world a better place is the feeling of happiness.

So it’s not really checking off boxes, for me–it’s seeing real-world results that I impacted.

2 Minute Action

Write down a list of 5 times you felt most alive.

Write down a list of 5 times you felt most dead.


Now you know what kind of experiences to integrate into your life.

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