You can visualize how it will go.

You can prepare.

You can train, rehearse, and put in the time too see more cases.

The only thing is when something unexpected happens.

Even after you thought you’d seen it all, something new slips through the cracks and then what?

Hasn’t this been what you’ve been training for the whole time, though?

If not, you should probably re-evaluate your method.

Of course we need to prepare for the knowns, but it’s critical to know what you’re fighting for so you can make “good enough” decisions in the moment you’re flustered and out of control.

2 Minute Action

Think of a recent time you had to handle something unexpected.

Forget about being perfect–or even just the way you wish you’d handled it.

Did you get the job done? Was it good enough?

Did your decision align with your mission?

If you don’t know the answer, now is a good time to write 1 sentence about what your mission is.

It doesn’t have to be a manifesto.

Just write 1 sentence about what your mission is today.

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