How Being Unsexy Helps

The thing about this post is that it’s just one post.

It’s a small piece of a whole commitment to posting everyday.

It won’t save the world.

It won’t make you (or me) rich.

It won’t change anyone’s life.

Well, probably not.

What’s more likely is that by chipping away slowly, over time, a more clear and overarching message becomes visible.

Big monumental paradigm shifts are sexy.

You know what’s not sexy?

Waking up before everyone else so you can read up on your field.

Industry disruptions and rocket-ship startups are sexy.

You know what’s not sexy?

Firing a close co-worker who turned out to be the wrong fit in your quickly changing company.

Lots of funding and office massage chairs are sexy.

You know what’s not sexy?

Investing 20% of your income every time you get paid.

Don’t be sexy.

Be good.

Be good and just a little bit more good every day.

Make the commitment to small, daily actions and the momentum will catch up with you later

For a long time, exponential growth just looks like linear growth on the same chart.

Then, suddenly, it’s not even close

2 Minute Action

What’s something unsexy you have to do today?

Do it first.

Make that a habit and the rest will come.

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