The 3 Things Required To Master Life

Before I get this going, I need to say something really important.

This whole thing is really simple to understand but hard to implement.

This is one of those things that just takes a lifetime.

That said . . .

1 – Awareness

Understand that there’s a problem, a change, an opportunity. Identify and define.

2 – Acceptance

Realize that this is a reality. This does not mean you are complacent with the reality–only that you understand it’s realness. Most of the battle for most people is fought here. Shortening the distance between awareness and action is one of the most critical skills we can develop.

3 – Action

These are the strategies and real-world tactics you take to move you from one state of existence to another. It happens after you make a choice to commit to action.

2 Minute Action

Pick an issue in your life right now.

It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.

Run that problem through this 3 step exercise.

Have you used this framework or a similar one before?

Let me know what’s worked for you or how this new approach feels different.

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