The Practical Reason To Stop Planning and Dreaming

The life plan. 

Lots of people make them or at least, dream of them. 

Dreaming is fun, because you get to taste what things could be like. 

The only catch is when you snap back to “reality” and continue to grind the same grind. 

Dreaming is fun but without action: it’s just indulgence. 

And to be clear, dreaming is not planning. 

And to be clear, planning is not taking action. 

Dreaming is only useful if it inspires you to act. 

Planning is only useful if it helps you discover concrete actions that you can take right now. 

Creating the timeline for how your life will go isn’t helpful, it’s vain and imaginary. 

Backing into a list of specific behaviors, habits, and skills you’ll need to actualize those dreams and plans is the key. 

2 Minute Action

When was the last time you had a vision for the future?

If you’re a planner, what was the last benchmark or milestone you scheduled?

Here’s your chance to bring in an accountabilibuddy, throw away all the junk food in your pantry, or setup an automatic savings plan with your bank. 

In 2 minutes you can take the first action. 

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