The Funny Thing That Happens When People Do What You Want

You can absolutely have it your way.

You can absolutely build a team around you who will do everything you ask.

You can absolutely be the dictator of your project, company, family, district, region, or whatever.

Just understand some of the consequences:

  • By surrounding yourself with “yes,” you may not get the pushback you need to grow
  • By always having the final say, you set the limit to your own capabilities
  • By putting yourself at the center, you will lose touch with the needs of others, which may leave you extraordinarily lonely

You can do whatever you want.

Just make sure you know what you want.

2 Minute Action

What’s something you’re currently getting push-back on?

What would happen if there wasn’t any?

Maybe it would be fine this time around, but it likely won’t every time.

Keeping this in perspective will help you maintain your gratitude for those challenging moments.

It will also keep you motivated to treat your challengers with respect and empathy.

And isn’t that what they deserve?

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