The Boring, Unsexy Thing That Gives People Confidence

This one isn’t a fun one.

You know how these posts go, by now.

Sometimes it’s motivational, sometimes it’s metaphorical, a lot of the time it’s reflective and a little of the time it’s hyper¬†nitty-gritty detailed and tactical.

No matter how the information gets out, it’s usually about doing more or increasing output.

In general, we each tend to focus on the output alone and forget the other factors that exist alongside it.

This is not a post about focusing on less.

This is a post about using what you have until it’s spent.

This is a post about being patient with others, with yourself, and with the world around you as you move through it.

The hard part isn’t understanding the problem or even taking action–lots of people make it that far.

The hard part is executing again and again and again.

The hard part is continuing¬†on, even when it’s boring or when it looks like you’re not going to make it.

The hard part is not doing some of it without doing all of it.

The hard part is showing up every day.




2 Minute Action

What’s the boring, unsexy part of your day?


Phone calls?


You pick.

Do that first.

You will build trust with yourself, which will lead to confidence and achievement.

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