3 Steps To Get Past Rejection

It hurts.

It makes you feel like you don’t belong.

It demotivates a distracts and can cause rumination.

Yeah, I’m talking about rejection.

Sometimes you’ll know why.

Sometimes you won’t.

Regardless, if you’re committed to a life of impact, it’s up to you to get your head back in the game.

How to get your head back in the game:

  1. Feel the feeling.
  2. Accept that this is the reality.
  3. Adjust, and take action on your next steps.

Thats it.

If you try to avoid the feeling it will only cost you time and energy later. Plus, if you don’t address it, you can’t grow from it.

The faster you accept the reality of the situation, the faster you can begin moving, again. If you’re here too long, you might be ruminating.

Once you have adjusted, you are free to take action and that’s truly the part of the equation that will change your inertia.

You’ve got this.

2 Minute Action:

This formula also works for bad news, being dumped, losing a job, messing up, and a number of other challenges.

Pick something negative that’s happened recently and run through this exercise.

Pay attention to how you feel when you’ve completed your action.

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