[SERIES] 3/7 Unpopular Belief: Steal Other People’s Stuff

Yep. Other successful people have developed tricks of the trade, but they’ve also stolen and borrowed from other successful people.

This is Part 3 of the 7 Unpopular Beliefs Series.

Steal Other People’s Stuff!

Imitate successful people.

Pick the traits and characteristics you admire and mimic them.

Steal their strategies and tactics.

Remember that your customer, audience, client, patient, or student will only benefit if YOU succeed!

Here’s the hardest part about this:

Discover how your opponent is smarter than you.

It’s not hard in that it requires searching. It’s hard because it requires humility.

As Derek Sivers says: “Find wisdom in your opponents!”

You already know everything from your side. Understand your opponent’s side and you’ll have much more context, and possibly tools with which to succeed.

2 Minute Action

Who is someone you admire and can call?

Take 2 minutes to ask them about their methods/strategies.

There are also a lot of books written by authors who just want to share. You are connected to a huge wealth of human knowledge.

If you don’t know where to find resources, email me or tweet at me. Tell me what you want to steal and I can help.

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