A Common Reason Resolutions Are Ineffective

It’s a fresh start.

A clean slate.

The funny thing is that you can make a clean slate whenever you want.

The sun comes up every day.

That’s the most high-frequency slate-wiper I know of.

So why do we wait until January to make a resolution?

You’re in control.

You can decide whenever you want.

The new year is just a good excuse.

It’s up to you to invent more good excuses–because this one only comes around every 365 days.

It’s the waiting for some arbitrary, made-up mile-marker that can slow so many people down.

It’s the other 364 days on your revolution around the sun that actually matter.

Today is just one of them.

More than 2 Minute Action:

You’ve probably got more than 2 minutes to reflect, today.

Take some extra time to sit by yourself and compare last year’s goals and resolutions to this year’s behaviors.

What matches?

Comment here and let me know what you will be doing differently this year to achieve new results.

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