This App You’re Using Is No Better Than CDROM

Have you seen this one in every hotel?

Control this TV with your phone

The benefit of the app can’t be that it replaces the remote. The remote works just fine. Why do we need to replace it?

If we’re going to build an app, it should be doing more than the remote. It should beat the remote.

The magic of an app can’t be that the same capabilities of the remote are now on a shiny screen!

We already went through that!

That was CDROM in the 90s!

How is that better?

A lot of resources go into technology products and if we’re developing with a lean mindset, this product really needs to justify why it exists.

That product really needs to justify why it took so many developer hours and venture capital.

There are a few times it’s okay to invest in something to achieve “feature parity.”

Feature parity just means that the new thing has the same capabilities or features as the old version.

This can be okay but only under certain conditions, like when it enables you to build more or better future features at less cost or more stability or by using less computer processing hours.

That’s an investment. That’s justified.

Having a lean mindset means that tasks, features, and innovations are all fighting for their lives to stay on your task list.

2 Minute Action

You have a list of things to do?


Spend 2 minutes right now, going top to bottom.

Everything must fight for its life to stay on the list.

Good questions to ask:

What might happen if I put this off?

What might happen if I never finish this?

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