Dear Valued Customer,

We appreciate your business. 

Your call is important to us. 

We value your feedback. 

Have you ever gotten one of these emails?

Or have you ever been told this on the phone while waiting for 3 hours for Verizon to pick up your call?

You’re better than that. 

No one has ever gotten one of these messages and felt appreciated, respected, or valued. 

You’re smarter than that. 

It only takes an extra 2 minutes to add in a little humanity. 

It only takes an extra 2 minutes to make someone feel like they’re being heard. 

2 Minute Action

What’s a common communication you have with others?

They could be patients, clients, students, or software users. 

Do you email them, call them, or hand them a report on a regular basis?

Take 2 minutes today to add in a little humanity to that regular communication. Update your language. 

The only way to make this planet a better place is going to be getting all of us on the same team.

That starts with respect. 

Respect starts with you. 

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