If You Think I Can Change Your Life, Stop Reading Here

It’s really unlikely that I will change your life.

I can say motivational things and give you tips and tricks to be productive.

I can talk about how important education is and how the future of our world is dependent on it.

I can even call you out with a 2-minute action every, single day.

But the reality is that I can’t help you.

I am only able to ask you the questions that you need to ask yourself.

You are the one who needs to put in the work every day.

You are responsible for your own discipline.

You are accountable for auditing and improving yourself.

“We are what we continually do, therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit.” –  Aristotle

2 Minute Action

What are you dreading doing today?

Start with that.

I’ve said this before. This isn’t new.

And that’s the point. It’s a daily grind.

My job isn’t to give you something new and shiny to read every day.

My job is to tell you the truth.

The truth is that when you start every day by doing something you don’t want to do, you get stronger.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

Every day.

Published by chris danilo

Carbon-based. My mission is to teach the next generation to care about the world, to know how to change it, and to take relentless action. Stalk me: @theCountDanilo everywhere

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