It’s Not Your Fault, But It Is Your Responsibility

The skills that were taught in school are mostly irrelevant.

Sure, there are basics like math and reading–but even now, the average reading level in the US is 8th grade.

It’s not your fault, but it is your responsibility.

It’s not fair, for sure.

The sooner we accept and adjust, the sooner we can get moving.

What skills are relevant for your success, today?

How about in 10 years?

There are basic, fundamental skills that are required in everything you do.

Some of these are reading, writing, and math.

Then, there are multiplier skills, which help you get better at other skills.

Some of these are discipline, focus, and work ethic.

There are also transferrable skills which are more advanced and can be useful across any field.

Some of these are project management, negotiation, and leadership.

It’s not your fault you were never taught these things.

But it is no one’s responsibility but yours to make sure you practice, learn, and successfully implement these skills.

2 Minute Action:

Take 2 minutes to identify which of these skills you feel you are good at.

Which ones are you bad at?

Now is the time to commit to improving 1 of those weaknesses.

The world is your oyster. “I don’t know how” is a poor excuse.

You have the internet, professional counselors, universities, and a supercomputer in your pocket.

“You have everything you need to build something bigger than yourself.”

– Seth Godin

Published by chris danilo

Carbon-based. My mission is to teach the next generation to care about the world, to know how to change it, and to take relentless action. Stalk me: @theCountDanilo everywhere

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