Achey and sore muscles.

The question isn’t whether or not you’re sick, it’s “how hard do I push myself?”

After trying both the “rest and relax” and the “push through it” camps of thought, there is really only one conclusion:

You need to find your limits.

This is another one of those “unpopular beliefs, but it has served me well.

Push yourself until you break. Let yourself recover.

Now you know:

  1. You’re not made of glass
  2. Where your limit is

Without getting to the edge, you will never know if you could have pushed through it

Getting past the breaking point will give you the confidence to approach it again and again.

And it will inform the intensity and duration of your next mission.

The Navy Seals have a 40% rule.

Once you get to the point where your body tells you “I just can’t go on,” you will know that you actually have only gone 40% of the distance you’re capable of going.

When your body is screaming, you actually have 60% left in the tank.

Understanding this rule is a keystone in living a mentally tough life.

2 Minute Action

Set your timer.

Everyone has 2 minutes, that’s why this little segment exists after every one of my blog posts.

Theres no excuse.

I bet you can do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups or burpees for 2 minutes straight.

This is a physical example but the skill is transferable to other facets of life.

Big things are made up of lots of smaller, actionable things.

2 minutes is plenty of time.

Lets start Monday off right.

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