The Unusual Reason Listerine Is So Successful

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How many times have you gotten this within 2 seconds of hitting a new website or page?

How bad is that?

We just met!

Now you want me to upgrade? I haven’t even used your product yet!

The first interaction someone has with you, your service, or your product, should be positive.

The first thing that should happen is that they get something. They feel good for making the decision to hit your page, buy your product, or hire you for the job.

The first thing they need is a hit of dopamine to reinforce their behavior.

Sounds a little mechanical but that’s how brains work.

Stimulus. Behavior. Reinforcement.


Listerine doesn’t need to be painful.

But the marketing team found out that when consumers got “feedback” from the product, they felt like it was “working.”

They continued to use the product.

You have to make your own ethical decision about whether the ends justify the means, but that’s up to you.

All I can share is what I know works.

2 Minute Action

What’s the first interaction someone has with you, your brand, or your product?

An email? A cold sales call? A welcome desk at your office?

It only takes 2 minutes to come up with something small you can do, offer, or say within the first 2 minutes of meeting a new customer to make them sure that they made the right choice.

Lollipops for their kids.

A cold bottle of water.

A cable to charge their iPhone.

It’s little things like these that your customers, clients, patients, or students will remember and then tell others about.

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