The Glue That Keeps High-Performance Teams Together

Culture is not the ping-pong table.

Culture is not the Keurig.

Culture is not the ability to hang out with the people on your team after work.

Somehow, this is what many people think.

Culture is “Do you believe what I believe?”

Culture is the alignment of core values.

Culture is how we treat each other when it gets hard.

This is the glue that makes great teams excel.

No team can withstand the barometric pressure at the altitude of high-performance without having the trust and support of good culture.

People don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad managers.

2 Minute Action

Who is someone you haven’t connected with deeply in a while?

Who is someone that maybe is on the outskirts of your team and is waiting to be included?

Take 2 minutes to say “hi,” today. Ask them about something they are interested in. Make sure you don’t walk away without them knowing you care about them.

That’s culture.

Recognizing others and making people around you know that you value them.

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