Have you ever done a “trust fall?”

It’s the one where you close your eyes and fall backward.

The way it’s supposed to work:

Your teammate catches you, even though you can’t see them.

The way it works in business and life:

No one catches you. But you keep falling backward anyway.

You keep falling backward until your teammates learn how to succeed.

This is important, especially for entrepreneurs who are often wearing multiple hats in their work. By picking low-risk projects and letting our teams fail (without the fear of being fired), we empower them to take full responsibility for the outcomes.

The only trouble is that the first few times are not only difficult and scary, but we often get a little banged up.

This is normal.

It’s part of the “tax” we pay for passing on the baton so we can focus on other work.

2 Minute Action

Chris Ducker took action on this by creating what he calls his “3 Lists To Freedom” when he began outsourcing work from his business.

Create your 3 lists.

  • 1st List: Things you don’t like doing.
  • 2nd List: Things you can’t do.
  • 3rd List: Things you shouldn’t be doing.

These lists will help you organize and start delegating tasks to others.

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