How To Know If Your Project Is Broken And 3 Ways To Fix It

When faced with a workload, there are basically 3 ways to address it.

You can slash tasks and agree to get less done.

You can increase your capacity to do the tasks, which may mean hiring people and taking on overhead costs.

You can automate and streamline processes to make work with existing resources get done faster.

Thats it.

When facing crises, this might mean the stakes are high.

If that’s true, you may need to involve stakeholders to “pick your poison.”

If you can’t hire more people and if you can’t decrease the workload, you’re going to have to increase speed or work extra hours to get it done.

This means your project might be broken!

If you’re working extra hours, something is broken.

If your work requires heroism or martyrdom to get finished on a regular basis, your project is broken!

2 Minute Action

Take your pick of these three options. You may fine that a hybrid method works, too—using two or all three at the same time.

Reply here with your hunch and let me know how you plan to execute!

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