How To Create The Urgency To Live Your Dreams

No one has ever said, “man, I’m really glad I played it safe.”

No one has ever said, “dang, I’m so happy with my decision to avoid risks.”

No one has ever said, “I don’t regret working my whole life on someone else’s project.”

So, assuming all goes well and you live a full-length life, what will you say at the end?

Some of you already know about my Death Bed Timer.

If you’re not familiar with how this works, you can check out the page on my website:

Here’s the quick version:

I have done a quick and dirty estimate of how much time I think I’ve got left to live.

The idea wasn’t to calculate some super accurate timeline, the idea was to have a number that looked possible and watch it tick away every day.

By bringing this Death Bed Timer into my life, I’ve forced myself to look at the reality of my temporary existence.

It’s created urgency, which is something that motivates people to take action.

I urge you to make your own estimate and look your Death Bed Timer right in the face.

It will help you reprioritize things in your life.

Yes, admittedly, it’s a little stressful—but looking at this clock on a regular basis will push you from your comfort zone until you’re comfortable with being uncomfortable.

2 Minute Action

Do a quick estimate. How long do people like you usually live?

How long have you already lived?


Divide by months, weeks, or days to get the readout you want.

This 2 minutes could absolutely change your life.

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