Stop hiring for specific skills.

Hiring this way almost always overlooks the three most important traits of a strong candidate.

There are 3 things that good managers hire for.

Of course, sometimes, you really do need a highly trained skill set. There’s just no amount of positivity that will substitute for an expertly-trained brain surgeon–but unless you need a super specific, high-stakes skill like this, you’re much, much better off starting at these 3 traits:


Do they have the ability to learn and execute the skills they need to be successful?


Do they make others around them feel confident, capable, and like excellence is possible? No one can sustain this all the time under all circumstances, that’s just faking it. We’re just looking at most of the time. What’s their common thought habit?

Cultural fit

Culture is not the ping-pong table, the nerf guns, nor the Keurig. Culture is how you treat others when it’s hard, when you’re tired, and when you’re frustrated. Cultural fit on a high-performance team is “do you believe what we believe?” “Do you have similar values as shown by your actions?”

Finding these three traits will lead to capturing the right people. Training, mentoring, and supporting them are the things that will keep them with you.

2 Minute Action

Quickly list a few traits of your high-performers.

What are the characteristics that make them successful? Pick 3-5.

Now rank your other teammates on a 10 point scale for each of these 3-5 characteristics.

If anyone is below a 6, you should schedule time to identify/discuss and solve this.

Reviews do NOT need to be annual. Make it happen, today.

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