Why You Should Learn To Micromanage

Somehow, somewhere, the term “micromanage” got a bad name.

If you have a team or confident experts, yeah, sure, micromanagement is a poor strategy, but what about the opposite?

How can micromanagement make sense?

If your new hire is low in skill and also low in confidence, you may need to use micromanagement to get them to proficiency.

They need job knowledge first, which can require hand holding and frequent check-ins. A high level of accountability and transparency will also help make expectations clear and failures/successes visible.

Gaining job knowledge will lead to successful completions of tasks and projects which will lead to opportunities for praise which will lead to increased confidence.

To be clear: I’m NOT saying micromanagement is the answer to all management issues, it’s just a tool in the tool-belt of a competent manager.

2 Minute Action

Who is someone on your team or in your life who needs support, coaching, or feedback?

Categorize them, here. Are they high or low in confidence? Are they high or low in skill/job knowledge?

If they are high in both, consider using a hands-off approach.

If they are low in both, consider using a micromanagement approach.


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