How To Get Another Chance At Anything

No more tips.

No more tricks.

No more hacks.

Let’s be real, you already know this.

Just like you already know that you need to eat your fruits and veggies, you also know that temporary behaviors will never lead you to long term success.

In fact, you’re probably so sick of me saying the same things again and again!

But it’s true.

Tips, tricks, and hacks are the “sizzle” of the steak.

The steak itself is the disciplined, day-in, day-out practice of principles and values.

You can make those habits small but you have to make them consistent.

We are now in the second week of February.

Most people have already quit their New Year’s Resolutions by now.

Maybe you did, too.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait a whole year to start again.

Today just started and you’ve got all of it to make a difference.

You’be been given a chance to succeed, and the thing is that no matter what happens, you will be given another chance

2 Minute Action

Let’s go with a reflection and turn it into action.

What’s something you failed recently?

What is the first step to improvement?

If you don’t know the answer, now is the time to ask for help.

People who ask for help usually move on.

Prideful people who don’t ask for help move slower and/or suffer through their experience.

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