Prove Me Wrong: All Of Life Is A Game Of Luck

You were born with a functional brain.

You were born outside of a warzone.

You were born as a human being with opposable thumbs.

You were born right here, in this century.

You were born with the desire to improve yourself and the world.

You were born with enough resources to get the traction to start making things happen in your life.

You were born with the opportunities to learn social skills.

You were born with the opportunities to work for a living.

I could keep going, but I think you get the point.

You’re lucky. I’m lucky. Most of us are lucky.

All those thoughts in your head that tell you the opposite aren’t considering the whole context.

And without getting into the long explanation of the subtle, nuanced interaction between DNA and environment . . . I think we can all appreciate how much luck we had before we even started.

2 Minute Action

Reframe your thoughts for the next 2 minutes.

  • What ways have you been successful?
  • What gifts have you been given?
  • What opportunities do you have?

Reflect on this and it will turn it into positivity and optimism.

That optimism will quickly turn it into your fuel for the day.

Go get ’em.

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