Wait, Why Do The Minimum??

Okay, so lots of people don’t know what they’re doing—but that’s no excuse.

Thinking through every problem and trying to solve it perfectly before you start will only prevent you from ever starting in the first place.

What is the minimum amount you can do to get your point across, deliver on the promise, or get into the market?

Do that.


Now consider this caveat . . .

Fields where this approach works: business, marketing, manufacturing, event production, software development, and many others.

Fields where this approach does not work well: surgery, rocket development, neuroscience, quantum mechanics.

The point is, unless your work requires a rare skill set that takes years to develop through academic and professional training, you are probably just getting in your own way.

2 Minute Action

If your goal is to get fit, do 2 minutes of burpees. That’s enough to start.

If your goal is to build software, just wireframe up your concept on a PowerPoint presentation and demo it on a sales call. That’s enough to make a sale.

If your goal is to write a book, write a blog post or an article first. That’s enough to get feedback from others.

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