Why I Love Haters

Let’s talk about haters.

Haters are the 2%-5% of people who just can’t be pleased, entertained, soothed, or fixed.

There’s nothing you can do about them.

Don’t confuse this with feedback.

People who complain are often offering you valuable feedback, even though they might not do it in a respectful way.

It’s your job to avoid taking things personally and listen objectively to what they’re saying.

Sometimes you can’t fix it and sometimes you can.

The point is, you’ll know when you’ve got a hater because this is the person who just wants to complain or “get a rise” out of you.

But you know better.

If you focus your energy on haters, they will absorb all of it.

If you focus on feedback, you will continuously improve.

The punchline is that when you meet a new hater, you’ve given an opportunity to grow.

When you meet a new hater, you’re given an opportunity to choose to make the world better.

2 Minute Action

How about a random act of kindness, today?

It only takes 2 minutes or less.

Text someone. Leave a post-it note. Send a gift.

You have everything you need to make the world just a little bit better.

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