The 3 Critical Stages To Conquer Any Upsetting Change

Here is the fastest route available to dealing with difficult change:

1 – Awareness

This is the stage where you realize the reality of what’s happening around you. This is where you understand the impact and consequences that change has brought.

2 –  Acceptance

This is when you realize that what’s real is real and thinking about it or wishing it wasn’t true doesn’t actually improve anything. You can’t go back in time and this is the turning point when you adapt to reality and become ready to move on.

3 – Action

This is the stage where you are back in motion. You are moving with the waves and toward a new destination or vision. Even if you don’t have a vision yet, you know you have to start somewhere and this is you in motion.

It’s these critical 3 steps that you must move through unpredictable or difficult change.

That’s it.

Now that you know, it’s up to you to figure out how to move faster through them.

How to do that?

Identify the phase in which you take the longest amount of time, and start there.

2 Minute Action

For me, it’s the second step that takes the longest. I, like many others, tend to ruminate on what could be, what I could have done, or what I should have done. Reflecting and analyzing is helpful, but ruminating and dwelling is non-productive and time-consuming.

What’s your weak point out of these three?

Reply, forward, comment, and let me know!

The more we share these weaknesses, the better able we are to address and strengthen them.

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