Why I Publish Bad Blog Posts

Yes, I’ve written bad blog posts and published them

For any of you who follow me or read my blog, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

They can’t all be “War and Peace.”

The thing that’s difficult isn’t writing good content and publishing it—it’s publishing work that’s not that amazing.

It hurts me sometimes if what I write doesn’t feel massively inspiring, insightful, unique, or actionable.

The goal is to get to a place of consistent, high-quality output.

That can’t happen without publishing the bad stuff along the way.

This is not a cheap, disguised excuse to pump out crummy content—that would be deliberately cutting corners to reduce the effort required.

That would be consistently low quality.

Seneca said something like: “in order to know and understand good wine, one must drink a lot of bad, even terrible wine.”

I think you get the point.

If you want to be great, you have to forgive yourself for not being great right at this very second and understand that you’re going to have to be embarrassed for a little while as you figure it all out.

2 Minute Action

Publish something today.

Perform the speech that’s not quite ready yet.

Implement a new lesson plan that’s almost all the way there.

Unless you’re a brain surgeon, the risk of failing isn’t that high.

Go for the gusto, today.

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