Being Assertive vs. Aggresive

Tell me if you’ve ever seen this . . .

There’s a weird line between aggression and assertiveness that some folks have difficulty negotiating.

People who conflate the two tend to be either way less assertive or way more aggressive.

Either end of the spectrum has this confusion or is conflating.

Let’s use an example.

When a client asks you to make more edits on your project:

The Non-Assertive: “Yes.”

The Assertive: “Yes, I can do that extra work for $xx.xx”

The Aggressive: “No, and don’t reach out to me again.”

The Passive-Aggressive: “I don’t have to do this on other projects.”

Where do you fall?

If you’re not sure, it may help yo use this reference guide from the Assertiveness Handbook.

The Assertive style defends your rights without overstepping others’.

This successfully helps you treat people with respect while also treating yourself with respect.

2 Minute Action

Here are 2 ways you can spend 2 minutes improving:

Read the Handbook for 2 minutes.

Reply or comment here to let me know where you think you are in the battle.

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