Read This If You Have Trouble “Relaxing”

I was miserable.

I just took a day off.

I was “trying” to relax all day.

All I could think about were all the things that needed my attention.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about identifying important things and getting them done.

Don’t laugh but this is hard for me.

Of course, most of the work will be there when I return to it–and without any real consequence.

But sometimes, there are things that will break if you don’t attend to them.

Getting through the anxiety of not fixing them requires reminding yourself of the consequences and accepting them.

Only then, will the voice in your head be quieted and you will be able to focus on being present.

It’s a comparison.

Either you can let go of the work and focus on yourself, or you can let the work take your attention until you let it give you a break.

It won’t.

Your call.

2 Minute Action

What’s giving you the most anxiety today?

What are the top items on your worry list?

What will happen if you don’t alleviate them today?


Take 2 minutes to meditate on the consequences.

This part is up to you. If you can accept the consequences, it’s easier to give yourself permission to rest.

If not, you might just be anxious until you make the time to resolve them.

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