How To Fall Into Your Own Trap

You took the first step.

You started.

Day 1.

Time to start thinking about day 2.

So now that you started, you probably need special shoes.

And you probably need the special gloves to go with it.

And you probably will end up needing another dry-fit short since you’re gonna be doing this new thing so often.

And you should just pay for the membership all in advance since you’ll be using it all the time.

. . .


Does this sound familiar?

Before you start allocating resources to things that don’t matter, it’s probably better to start with the basics first.

The tricky part is that you really meant well.

You were just leaning into the first step!

But you fell into your own trap.

The most basic of basics is habit.

It’s not the details of how many minutes you should spend on cardio for your body type or which muscle group you exercise on Mondays.

Before you think about anything that will cost you money or attention, remember what matters first:

The habit.

2 Minute Action

Everyone has 2 minutes. You can use it to do burpees, send an email, or call your mom.

Whats a habit you want to build?

What part of it can you do for 2 minutes?

This is your opportunity to conquer your excuses and start your day off with a win.

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