Read This If You Don’t Think You Have An Enemy

It could be a person.

It could be a substance.

It could be a disease.

It could be a thought.

It could be someone else’s thought.

It could be anything.

Whomever or whatever your enemy is . . .

“Your enemy thanks you for not giving 100%, today.”

– unknown

I stole this little quote from military culture.

Powerful, isn’t it?

Now that you feel that way . . . you’re accountable.

2 Minute Action:

Maybe it’s a gratitude letter to an old boss.

Maybe it’s a monthly payment to UNICEF.

Maybe it’s telling someone the constructive truth.

You pick.

We’re all counting on you to make something important and meaningful happen today and it could be something that takes 2 minutes or less to start or finish.

Published by chris danilo

Carbon-based. My mission is to teach the next generation to care about the world, to know how to change it, and to take relentless action. Stalk me: @theCountDanilo everywhere

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