Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Why do we wait to get picked?

Why does someone else have to choose us for their team?

Why can’t we just start doing exactly what we want to do?

The answer is that you don’t have to wait and you can start right now.

Here’s a quick story as an example from my own life:

Once, when I needed a job, I found myself filling out applications.

I hunted down a good job description and eagerly wrote up a new cover letter. I sent it off, in the web-form, with my resume, to go sit in some database with all the others. I sent it along and waited.

I sent out more and more–and I waited, still.

I wondered who would pick me.

After enough time, I was frustrated and anxious. I knew that I needed to take things into my own hands.

I walked down the street to one of the companies I’d applied to. I walked in and said that I needed to talk to the HR director about the email I’d sent. This was true.

When I talked to the HR director, I asked “what is your smelliest, ugliest, most irritating problem that no one wants to solve in your company right now?”

She laughed and proceeded to tell me about a small, but important part of an upcoming project that could use some extra support.

I offered to work for free on this small project. In exchange, if things went well, she agreed that she would write me a letter of recommendation and send it out to her colleagues in the area.

You never have to wait to do something important or meaningful.

2 Minute Action

What’s something you’ve been putting off? Call or text a friend and ask them to hold you accountable for finishing it. Give them a clear time and day when you’ll be done and offer to wash their car/mow their lawn/walk their dog/whatever if you don’t deliver.

It’s too hard to motivate yourself to do something.

It’s easier to force yourself to do what you don’t want to do by changing the environment around you.

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