Read This If You Think You’re A Rebel

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Someone said something to me yesterday.

He was talking about his attitude and how it matured as he got older.

He mentioned that early in his journey he felt like a rebel. He was out there making things, sometimes without guidance, sometimes without intention, and certainly without permission.

A rebel is someone who opposes things. They may not have a reason other than some general discontent with authority.

But then, this person mentioned that something happened to his mindset as he began to experience the results of his effort as he moved through life.

He developed intentions, purpose, and importantly, a plan.

He said, “instead of being just a rebel, I became a renegade.”

A renegade is someone who changes beliefs based on new information, often endures social ex-communication or stigma, and commits to a new belief or way of being.

Part of this commitment is taking calculated action on those beliefs.

How will you turn your work, attitude, or mindset into action?

Are you a rebel or a renegade?

2 Minute Action

Here are some ways you can turn an idea or intention into an actionable plan:

  • If you’re having trouble turning an idea into action, take 2 minutes to “phone a friend” and ask them to hold you accountable to a small goal. Let them text you to remind you, or you can offer to do them a favor if you bail on your goal. (I had a friend who wrote a $1000 check to a trusted friend and said he could cash it if he failed to take action.)
  • Set a block on your calendar that is reserved for just one part of your project and invite a friend to join you.

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