Why People Don’t Know How To Be Productive At Home

Sure, you’re used to a different work routine. Maybe you travel a lot. Maybe you commute to an office every day. Whatever it is, many people are trying to figure out how to be productive at home. Being off your normal routine is part of the problem, but here’s a bigger part that is somehow […]

How To Get A Job

A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the Covid-19 outbreak. A few days ago I even asked each of you to help in some way. Then, I realized, some of you might be in a difficult position where instead of being the helper, you might need to be the helpee. Over the […]

Only These Businesses Will Survive Covid-19

There are a few industries who are getting hit hard by the outbreak of Covid-19. The events industry, travel and transportation industries, construction, global deliveries, restaurants, any small “mom and pop” shop, the list goes on. Who will survive on a mix of factors, not all of which are in our control–but we’re going to […]