Stop Missing This Major Productivity Lesson

You’re not going to like this . . . but it’s true. Tell me, how often does this happen? When you read a blog post on productivity, you’re tempted to download a new app, buy a new book, start a new routine, ad infinitum. “The app I’m using is garbage, and I really just need to […]

The Only Time Complaining Works

Let me be crystal clear: Complaining is a failed attempt at processing what’s you’re going through. Complaining is explaining the pain you’re feeling through rumination. Analysis of this granularity is only helpful if you’re going to find a solution. Complaining is never helpful if complaining itself is the end goal. Catharsis is a fallacy. Don’t “get it […]

Destiny Is Another Word for Responsibility

Usually, when we’re arguing about two polarized things, something strange happens. It’s nature or nurture. It’s black or it’s white. It’s free will or devine intention. What happens EVERY time is that it’s not either or. It’s both. It’s not 50/50, it’s 100/100. People who say it’s 50/50 don’t understand that there’s something else happening […]