The 3 Questions That Will Change Your Productivity For Life

You’ve heard of Scrum, right? I used it to run a software company that helped the Department of Defense build satellite constellations around the globe. I used it in my consulting work with Johnson & Johnson. And I still use it in my work, today. Without getting into all the principles, terms and details, I […]

What Am I Doing With My Life?

I wrote a blog post (on a previous website) a few years back. It’s interesting to see how some things change and how some things don’t. Hope you get as much of a kick out of this “early days” post as I did. For those of you who read until the end, there’s a little […]

Dear Changemaker

I recently wrote this letter to the, a home for changemakers in State College, PA. Although this was written for college students, I think it still applies to all of us. I hope you get something from this, but more important: I hope you do something with it. If you know someone who might […]