The Defining Reason Leaders Fail

I want you to think about the last time you worked with someone who didn’t do their job well. Were they always late? Did they not not complete their work? Were they sloppy? If you were their boss (and maybe you were) would you fire them? Whose fault is it? Most people would say: “Look, […]

The Surprising Reality About Following Rules

I’ve never liked rules. They tend to get in the way of things like fun. Depending on the context, rules often create friction that slows even well-intentioned progress. I made a decision years ago that is now showing up again in my life. I made the decision to follow my own rules. I try to […]

The Only Time You Should Say “Don’t”

Don’t is powerful. It’s more powerful than can’t. We can change “can’t” with attitude and hard work, but “don’t” is different. In this case, I specifically mean “I don’t.” As in: I don’t miss a workout. I don’t skip meditation. I don’t eat junk food. When we say the words “I don’t,” we somehow pull […]