Chris Who?

Hi, I’m Chris.

I help education companies be more productive.

Unlike most consultants, I use elements of Lean, Agile, Empirically-Based Learning, and Industrial models to make it happen.

As you can guess from my site, I like to live pretty minimally.

I believe in living a life of social purpose, using things and loving people.

I blog, I run, I bike, I create music, and I believe that a little mischief can be healthy.

To see what I’m up to, check out my NOW page.

How I Spend My Time:

I spent the last 3 years with Open World Events.

I helped OWE operationalize their massive LEGO®, MINECRAFT® and STEM events for kids and families. Yes, it was precisely as much fun as you’re imagining.

I write for a few publications on

Here are some popular posts I’ve written:

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I write for my own, personal, daily newsletter. Here’s a post I wrote:

You’re Getting Better at Whatever You’re Doing Right Now

I mentor students at Uncollege, fellows at TFA, and changemakers at the

One of the values that I love in business and entrepreneurship is the concept of “paying it forward.” If we want to raise a species and culture of amazing people, we’re going to have to give back and help them avoid some of the obstacles we’ve each faced. I strongly value this idea and make this action part of my life.

I run an annual 5k race to celebrate healthy habits and raise some money for lung cancer research with some friends.

After being a smoker for ~9 years, I finally quit in the summer of 2014. My friend Meg and I decided we should celebrate by turning a bad habit into a healthy one. So we run 5k together with our friends to celebrate healthy habits every year. We make no money from this. Any funds collected from this are immediately donated to lung cancer research. Our goal is to make this new habit at least 10 years old.

That’s me.

Who are you?

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