I believe . .

We’re all getting better at whatever we’re doing right now.

We are constantly re-wiring our brains for the next moment.
 This means that analyzing the past is useful, but ruminating is not.

Fear should be given attention but no power

If you’re scared of something, that’s a good sign that you should do it.

I believe that a good way to add value to the world is by being good at one thing.

I believe that a good way to enjoy life is by being good at lots of things.

I believe that work-life balance is a fallacy.

Life always has a way of knocking things out of alignment, so seeking balance is impractical.
It’s more productive and feasible to seek work-life symbiosis, instead.

I believe being done is better than being perfect.

If we complete efficient systems that work for humanity, we free our time for interesting things instead of just making gears turn faster in a gearbox.

I believe in people over process.

As process matures, it creates bureaucracy, which is the residue that slows the system from change at the expense of its people.

Real change comes from the consistent emotional labor of people, over time.

If we value and educate people with kindness and truth, they will become stewards of every successive generation. As information, resources, and power belong to everyone, we decrease the likelihood they will be misused.

I believe that love = action.

Nothing else matters.
Ideas, wishes, and dreams impact no one except the inert dreamer; whose aspirations selfishly indulge an immaterial fantasy which only blinds them from reality.

I believe in abolishing all friction. Rules are our servants, not the other way around.

If a rule is not useful or if it creates more work; disobey it and accept the consequences gladly.

I believe you almost never have to wait for permission to make something useful.

The more we create a culture of rule- and authority-fearing, the more we paralyze our future with an idle inertia.
Our children deserve a future built on a legacy of action, intelligence, and fierce kindness, not one built on corruption, greed, or anti-intellectual irrationality.

I believe we are all brilliant animals,

But we will not reach the fullest potential without blending our primal instincts with trained executive intellect.

I believe that information should be free.

And that everyone should have an equal opportunity to work hard and put it to social use.

When we’re doing the hard work, days will always be longer than years.

As each new day terminates the past, I believe we are each given new conditions and opportunities to be commanders of our own present. We are each responsible for being the scientists of ourselves.

I believe that all good work begins as science and end as art.

It is in this final state that we hybridize creative intuition with executive function.
It is in this final state that we become the best versions of ourselves; as perfectly contradicting anomalies.

And I believe that if you want to be an anomaly,

you need to wake up every day

and act like one.