Read This If You Want Every Day To Be Good

Some days are good.

Some days I do not perform the way I’d hoped.

Some days I perform well but my environment prevents my success.

Some days my environment has ideal conditions and I squander my opportunity.

What’s important is accepting that it is impossible for every day to be good.

What’s hard is fighting onward anyway, in spite of that voice that says “this is pointless.”

What’s hard is seeking improvement when you know perfection is impossible.

2 Minute Action:

You can, in 2 minutes, make up your mind.
You can either choose to seek improvement despite the challenges, or you can opt-out.

Remember that the outcome doesn’t matter because it has nothing to do with you if you’ve already made your mind up.

Read This If You’re Not Doing Enough

You could be doing more.

You could.

And then what?

Could you do more after that?

The trick isn’t doing more.

The trick is doing what matters and nothing more.

At some point, after you’ve been taking action after action after action, you must realize what is important and what isn’t.

The hard part, then, isn’t taking action or doing more, it’s discernment.

You decide what is enough.

How To Bounce Back

You know that feeling when you realize you’re not perfect?
And then you realize you’re more than not perfect, you’re completely useless?

And then you start to question what you’re doing, who you’re with, and why you’re doing it?


It happens.

The trick isn’t not having it happen.

The trick is bouncing back.

This is one of those “simple but not easy” kind of things.

How to get through it:

Have an anchor or two.

It helps if you have a list of things you believe in or core values. This will help you focus on what you know to be true about yourself in a time where uncertainty fogs your vision.

Have a mentor.

If you have 3 people in your life who you can talk to for a half-hour a month about what you’re afraid of and how to develop more strength, you’ve won the lottery.

Have some forgiveness.

You’re where you are. Seriously. Accept it. That doesn’t mean you’re not going where you want to go. It just means a little forgiveness will help you focus on bouncing back instead of wasting energy beating yourself up.

These are just three things that have worked for me.

I like to say “a lot of advice is people saying: ‘here are the numbers I used to win the lottery,'” so these might not work the same way for you.

Let me know what you think.

2 Minute Action

  • Think of one person who you admire. Call them and ask if they will be your advisor and talk with you once a month.
  • Write down a few core values. They won’t all be perfect or right, but you can re-evaluate every couple of months and evolve over time.
  • Look at where you are and consider what it would take to accept your failures. I bet you it only takes 2 minutes to do this for the first time.