Hustle Is Important But Not That Important

Are you familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

Quick summary:

Abraham Maslow was a Psychologist who was able to illustrate a simple order of human needs that could play a huge role in motivation, emotions, and decision making behavior.

Basically, you need your basics met first. Like food and shelter.

Then you need your social and emotional needs met, like family and friends.

Only after that can you go after other things like advancing your career or becoming your best self.

We fluctuate up and down these rings of the Pyramid of the Hierarchy of Needs throughout our lives so don’t be fooled into thinking once you’re up, you’re up for good.

Here’s how this relates to hustle, motivation, and your career:

It’s the same with your work ethic, your attitude and your intentions.

To be “successful” in your own eyes, you need to work hard. That has to be the first part of the equation.

But after that, you need to get adequate rest and recovery.

After that you can go after gains in performance and career.

After that, you can say “no” to opportunities and narrow your priorities.

Quick pause to focus on the punchline:

I’m sure this all makes sense but I want to be really clear about the process and the order in which all of this can happen.

There is a TON of advice out there saying things like “you should say ‘yes’ to every opportunity!”

There an equal amount of opinion saying you should “say ‘no’ to more opportunities!”

Not only do you need to figure out what works for you but you need to figure out what works for you right now. 

Remember that a lot of advice is “here are the 8 numbers I used to win the lottery” and won’t apply to you, your industry, your decade, your team, or your circumstance.

That doesn’t mean don’t try.

It means try more.

2 Minute Action

Where are you in the hierarchy of needs?

Do you have your basics met?

If not, it might be time to reset your goals to focus only on basic needs.

If so, it might be time to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself.

Identify this today.

Your next moves will be clear, guilt-free, and easier to execute after you do.

The Fastest Way To An Idea

The bar is low.

Most people are boring, uncreative, and have a hard time thinking of others’ needs.

But not you.

You work harder than that.

You can go out of your way to make someone feel welcome.

You can go out of your way to stand out.

You can go out of your way to make people remember who you are.

All you need is to start.

You don’t even need the idea.

How? Try this . . .

2 Minute Action

The fastest way to get an idea?

Google it.

I’m not kidding. Someone else has probably thought of this before and has written 10 articles on it.

The best part is that this generally helps spark other ideas.

And that’s the punch line.

The hard part of getting something started isn’t the idea . . . it’s usually getting past the thought that you can’t come up with an idea.

Once you can outsmart or outwork yourself, you’re really onto something.

The Reason I’m Not Crazy For Loving Monday

Now, wait and hear me out . . .

Monday is special because it does something no other day of the week does.

It gives  you a fresh start.

Even if you know you have a new start everyday, we all still feel how Monday is the psychological starting block for the week.

Today is the day!

It’s your chance to be a slightly better version of who you were last week.

It’s your chance to experiment and try something new.

It’s your chance to recalibrate your goals.

Today is the day.

Let’s roll this into action.

Most peoples’ goals center around 3 things:

Fitness, Career, Travel/Bucket list.

Here are things you can do to move toward any of those in 2 minutes or less.

2 Minute Action

Do pushups, burpees, or lunges for 2 minutes.

Set up a meeting with your supervisor (or mentor, or colleague, or professor, etc.) to talk about your future and how to get where you want to go.

Look at your calendar, pick a date in the future (it can be really far in the future, that’s fine) for your bucket list item. Create a savings plan, invite your friends, and make it real!

Today is Monday!

Get out of the gate strong, today.