🤔 5 Ways You’re Getting Sidetracked Without Knowing It

Tips. Tricks. Hacks. Apps. Tools. All of this is noise and it doesn’t matter. Do you know what matters? Focus. Commitment. Accountability. Discipline. Mission. No more apps. No more hacks. No more tips and tricks. No more anything until you master those last 5 lines above. It was just Valentine’s Day, right? A day where we […]

The One Thing That Causes More Dropped Balls Than Anything Else

For people or for teams who feel stuck or like they are always waiting on external factors to move them forward: Give yourself or your team an accountability audit. This assesses how clear your team is on their responsibilities, and where the gaps are. This is critical for pinpointing the systematic flaws that are enabling […]

Stop Telling People To Dream Big

How many times have you heard “feel good” quotes and sayings about dreaming big? It feels helpful, but is it? For a small percentage of people, it might help. For MOST people, it adds no value or hurts. Most people don’t know what to do with their regular sized dreams. It’s incapacitating to dream any […]