Read This If You’re Not Sure You’re On The Right Track

What are the steps you’ve taken so far? Are they working? If you’re not sure, have you been specific about what needs to happen for a “success?” Here are 3 things you need to define: What specifically are you trying to accomplish? What changes might you try and why? How will you know that a […]

Read This If You Have To Get Over It

Tough things are tough. There are things in our control and out of our control. Sometimes distinguishing these helps us handle tough things. Sometimes it doesn’t and tough things are just tough anyway. Here are the 3 stages of handling tough things. Awareness Being aware that there is a problem is part of it. Being […]

Read This If You Have Lots Of Ideas

Maybe you’ve heard this before, but maybe you haven’t.Ideas aren’t really useful. By themselves, they don’t do anything. It’s the executing of the idea that helps people and is valuable. So, stop looking for ideas. Look for actionable insights. 2 Minute Action: It helps if you know what to do and when to do it. […]