The 3 Critical Stages To Conquer Any Upsetting Change

Here is the fastest route available to dealing with difficult change: 1 – Awareness This is the stage where you realize the reality of what’s happening around you. This is where you understand the impact and consequences that change has brought. 2 –  Acceptance This is when you realize that what’s real is real and […]

The 3 Steps To Get Past Ruminating

Today, I was overcome with anger. I was faced with an outcome I had no control over. I couldn’t control it. I couldn’t change it. I couldn’t delete it. I actually stopped being productive almost my entire evening. It totally shut me down. The hard part isn’t preventing these things or figuring out how to […]

How Planning For The Future Can Hurt!

Just in case. In the future, we might need to connect our software to another app. In the future, we might need to accommodate this new type of encryption for transfers. In the future, we might need to have a data base setup for users to store this special information. Guess what? It’s now. It’s […]