The Part of Perfectionism Everyone Struggles With

If I’m being honest with you, writing every day is hard. Especially considering the parameters I gave myself. Each post must: Be in my own voice Have my unique viewpoint Be quickly digestible Be actionable When I committed to writing every day, I realized that this was big. Coming up with a fresh concept, in […]

How Planning For The Future Can Hurt!

Just in case. In the future, we might need to connect our software to another app. In the future, we might need to accommodate this new type of encryption for transfers. In the future, we might need to have a data base setup for users to store this special information. Guess what? It’s now. It’s […]

The 3 Things Required To Master Life

Before I get this going, I need to say something really important. This whole thing is really simple to understand but hard to implement. This is one of those things that just takes a lifetime. That said . . . 1 – Awareness Understand that there’s a problem, a change, an opportunity. Identify and define. […]