Hustle Is Important But Not That Important

Are you familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? Quick summary: Abraham Maslow was a Psychologist who was able to illustrate a simple order of human needs that could play a huge role in motivation, emotions, and decision making behavior. Basically, you need your basics met first. Like food and shelter. Then you need your social […]

[SERIES] 5/7 Unpopular Belief: Trust Your Gut

But what about evidence? What about data? What about expert opinion? This is Part 5 of the 7 Unpopular Beliefs Series. Trust Your Gut! Expert Advice The idea here is that you’re believing in someone else’s abilities to understand your situation better than you. Sometimes that’s really helpful. In that case, you’d be following your […]

How Advice Doesn’t Help and Neither Do Principles Nor Theories

Advice: Don’t solve other people’s problems. Theory: Solving people’s problems robs them of their opportunity to grow. Principle: Helping people means giving them the chance to succeed for themselves. Action: “I can’t do this for you. You can do this and I believe in you.” There are a few things we can learn by taking […]