How Advice Doesn’t Help and Neither Do Principles Nor Theories

Advice: Don’t solve other people’s problems. Theory: Solving people’s problems robs them of their opportunity to grow. Principle: Helping people means giving them the chance to succeed for themselves. Action: “I can’t do this for you. You can do this and I believe in you.” There are a few things we can learn by taking […]

1 Game Changing Rule Before You Take Advice

I think we can agree that most people like to talk. Then there’s a smaller group of people who like to take their experiences and pay them forward to novices in the field so they may advance further and faster. The 1 game changing rule we each have to remember about advice is that it’s […]

When Am I Enough?

The trouble with this is that “enough” usually has no real, tangible, measurable definition. It’s not a checkbox. Often, it’s because of the n+1 dilemma. In this example, n is undefined and even if you get vaguely close to it, there’s always the “+1,” which is the same as saying “what could/should/would have been.” It’s […]