Don’t Do More And Don’t Do Less, Here’s Why

If you’re like me, you probably think a lot about doing more. How can I increase my output? How can I check off more tasks? How can I reduce friction so I can get more done? And here’s the part where I’m about to start talking about doing less. Right? This is where I go […]

My Coworker Said This And It Woke Me Up

All of this “rah-rah, motivation-guy” stuff? You probably don’t need it. One of my colleagues had to remind me of this, today. Some people need it. The people who have been stuck on the couch for 6 years need that. But that’s probably not you. People who have been operating at 100 and want to […]

Finally: The Source of Motivation Explained

It’s like a shower. It’s like brushing your teeth. It’s like your morning coffee. You’ve gotta do it every day for it to work. If you wait for motivation to strike, you’re going to be out of luck for a long time. The real-world lesson here is that it’s up to you to understand what […]